Famous fake pictures

 Women mysteriously disappearing, faulty missiles flying and odd shadows in North Korea. Here are some famous fake pictures, discussed in SvD today. Explanations in English below.

Kända falska bilder, SvD

Picture 1: The picture of a dead Usama Bin Ladin (left) spread by Pakistani media chocked the world. The picture to the right, taken 1998 in Afghanistan, has probably been used to make  the picture to the left.

Picture  2: The Israeli newspaper Yated Neeman seems to be not too fond of women politicians and removed Limor Livnat and Sofa Landver from this photo of the Israeli government taken 2009.

Pictures 3 and 4: BP oil leak crisis center control room with and without all screens working.

Pictures 5 and 6: Iran shooting off four Shahab-3-missiles, or was it only three?

Pictures 7 and 8: Photo of American Civil War generals. To the far right sits General Francis P. Blair. He was not present on the original picture, but added afterwards.

Pictures 9 and 10: Did Barack Obama follow Hosni Mubarak or did in fact Hosni Mubarak follow after everybody else? The Egyptian newspaper al-Ahram put their leader first in the pack, but forgot the shadow.

Picture 11. North Korea’s Kim Jong-il is so powerful and fantastic that his shadow falls in a unique way and concrete surfaces change their appearance is his vicinity.

Pictures 12 and 13: Hm, I can’t see the manipulation. Can you?

Pictures 14 and 15: Microsoft commercial with employee changing skin color.

And, finally, here we have a recent case of Hillary Clinton suddenly going missing.



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3 responses to “Famous fake pictures

  1. Olov

    Pictures 12 and 13: The fence pole is removed.

  2. There’s a ironstick taken away from the girls head….

    And the newpaper forgot by some reason when the Oilcompany Lundin Oil suddenly missed Carl Bildt in a pictore of the board. He had just became foreign minister in Sweden and was very critizied for his involvment in Lundin Oil. Can there be some connection between the fact that Carl Bildt belongs to the Conservative party – as do the Newspaper Svenska Dagbladet…

  3. Interesting, but where are all the pictures?

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