Expressen’s double standards

Expressen, the Swedish tabloid, reports on Assange’s new legal team. Interestingly, the internet and paper versions of the article are very different. Thanks to stuxnet and rixstep for pointing this out.

We also note that in both articles it is wrongfully stated that Assange is accused of rape on both women. Furthermore, in the paper version of the article, Tom Hayden’s article in The Nation is “cited” in a highly creative way.

One can only speculate as to why there are two so different versions. Did the Expressen editor not have enough stories to work on for his team so two reporters had to split one story? Or are paper-copy readers and internet readers deliberately treated differently? Perhaps the paper version, with the creative “citation” included is somehow perceived as “added value” to the paying readers?

1. Translation of paper version

Scanned article:

Assange sacks his legal team

Assange changes his tactics to avoid extradition to Sweden.

Julian Assange changes his legal team – and tactics. He hopes that the dramatic move will help him to avoid extradition to Sweden. The Wikileaks founder has now replaced the aggressive attacks against Sweden with a softer approach in court.

Julian Assange is under house arrest in England and is waiting for extradition to Sweden – where he is arrested in absence for rape, unlawful coercion and sexual assault. A court in London has already decided that he be extradited. On July 12, a higher court will hear his appeal.

The new style: soft

Until now, Assange’s legal team has used confrontation. They have criticized Sweden and the Swedish legal and political system. The new team will act more softly and show more “respect” for the Swedish women accusing Assange for rape (sic!), writes the American newspaper The Nation.

“Assange’s previous legal team created antagonism in Sweden through their attacks on the Swedish justice system… The legal strategy hit back by repelling not only the general opinion in Sweden but also some among the left and the peace movement”, writes the American left-wing politician Tom Hayden in The Nation. (Editor’s note: I cannot find anything resembling this citation in The Nation article written by Tom Hayden) The legal team created a dead end for Assange with their agressive tactics. He has an extradiction sentence hanging over him, while he is free on bail, sits in a English mansion with electronic tagging and must report to the police every day.

Human rights lawyer

Now Assange has hired the known human rights advocate solicitor Gareth Peirce, reports Reuters. She replaces Mark Stephens, famous media legal adviser, who during the court hearings this winter made provoking statements directed against the Swedish prosecutor and legal system.

Another member of the previous legal team asserted that Assange could not get a fair trial in Sweden for “political reasons”.

Arne Lapidus

2. Translation of internet version

Screen shot:

Assange changes legal team – and tactics

Assange changes his legal team – and assumes a softer approach against Sweden and the alleged rape victims (sic!). The women’s lawyer Claes Borgström welcomes the decision.

– That’s great if he comes to his senses, says Borgström to

The Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is suspected for rape and sexual assault, respectively, on two women in Sweden during summer last year. He is now under house arrest in England, waiting for the hearing of his appeal of the decision to extradite him to Sweden. The hearing is set to 12-13 July and only a few weeks before, Julian Assange decided on a new legal team.

Sharp criticism

Assange was defended earlier by the famous media lawyer Mark Stephens who has pushed a hard line and directed sharp criticism against the Swedish justice system. The new defenders Gareth Peirce, famous human rights lawyer who has for example defended Guantanamo prisoners, and Ben Emmerson, who has worked with antiterrorism and human rights for the United Nations, are expected to use an opposite and softer approach, The Nation reports.

Gareth Peirce writes in an e-mail to The Nation:

“Each of the human beings involved deserves respect and consideration. It is hoped that whatever steps as are required to be taken in the future will be taken thoughtfully, with sensitivity and with such respect.”

“Great if he comes to his senses”

The lawyer representing the Swedish women, Claes Borgström, has received information that Julian Assange has chosen a new legal team. He welcomes Assange’s new stragegy.

– That’s great if he comes to his senses, says Borgström to

Other than that he has no comments.

-The best would be if this case could be tried in court as soon as possible.

Oscar Julander

Published 25 jun 2011 16:11

Updated 25 jun 2011 16:15

Just for the lulz, I reproduce here what, according to The Nation article, Claes Borgström  said to Hayden:

Asked if he thought Assange would be extradited from Sweden to the United States sometime in the future, Borgström answered, “I hope not. And I believe that my clients [the two women] feel the same way.  But you can’t print that.” Upon being told that sources are expected to request being off-the-record before they make any statements, not after, Borgström then repeated the same words about Assange’s potential extradition, with emphasis.


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