Assange Flashback thread sabotaged

Censorship is the new black. Even at Flashback – the Swedish forum famous for its freedom of speech – arbitrary deletions are now commonplace. I specifically talk about the thread dealing with the Assange “rape” case.

A new thread discussing the sabotage can be found here.

Protecting freedom of speech has never been more important. True but uncomfortable information is always threatened, more now than ever it seems.

More information can be found at Radsoft.



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3 responses to “Assange Flashback thread sabotaged

  1. Petter Peppar

    Test. Comments with two hyperlinks or less should appear directly.

    • Petter Peppar

      Crash course on blog commenting 101:
      Your email as well as your IP number is visible to the blog owner. Therefore, register a scrap email address that you use for the purpose. If you also wish to disguise your IP number from a blog owner, use anonymizing software or a page such as anonymouse.

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