It has become a real nuisance that so many comments regarding WikiLeaks and Julian Assange are being “moderated away” in main stream media. This blog is devoted to those comments. Paste your censored comment in the comment section of this blog, together with a link to the article or blog post you originally tried to comment. If possible, provide a screen dump with your comment as it awaited moderation. Subsequent email exchanges with the journal/ journalist/blog owner are also very welcome. If your comment is not in English, it’s nice if you can provide a translation in addition to the original comment text since that way your contribution will have more impact.

About me: I’m a senior scientist in a mathematically oriented discipline. I’m not affiliated or associated with any media company or organization in any way.


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  1. gil

    Author Jose Collazo releasing new book titled: God Does Exist; No More Nuclear Testing and More. Major David Morehouse of the Remote Viewers Program has had experiences with Angels and the Arch of the Covenant. That many more files are being with held by the US gov’t on the proof of the existence of God. USGS records show an increase in earthquakes, tsunami’s, volcano’s with nulcear testing. That our planet can not and will not allow any more nuclear testing. Patent files on HAARP and weather modification found. Author Jose Collazo released two earlier books titled: “America’s New slavery? FMRI Technology; America’s new Slavery? Behind The Scenes and Updates”. He researched FMRI technology under the FOIA and got proof of the existence of the technology that reads thoughts and implants thoughts from DARPA and the DOD. Alex jones and Dr. Nick Begich did an interview that Uni. of California and DARPA have an on going contract to erase thoughts.

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